“The Quest” Questioned #3: We’re Finding Oil Faster Than We’re Using It?

Daniel Yergin cites numbers to give a hopeful picture of oil supplies—but he seems to rely on questionable data

“The Quest” Questioned #2: One Giant Oil Field?

Yergin claims that the geologist M. King Hubbert tried to predict the future of oil by treating as if U.S. oil were all in one huge field—but that’s far from the truth

“The Quest” Questioned #1: Peak Oil Projection Was Far Off?

Yergin says Hubbert’s famous 1956 prediction for U.S. oil was far off the mark—but that’s not so

Ancient gadgets and the myth of ever-increasing progress

New archeological findings of ancient axes in Africa provide a lesson in how we think about progress and cultural evolution

Don’t let speculation distract us from peak oil

Oil production has flat-lined since 2005—and any analysis of oil prices has to take that into account, economist says

Renewables investment up in 2010—but mainly because of China

The ailing economy has taken its toll on renewables investment in the U.S. and Europe—so what does the future hold?

If rich countries consume less oil, China may snap up excess and store it

OECD countries and China are moving in opposite directions when it comes to handling strategic oil reserves, says the Centre for Global Energy Studies

Drip, drip, drip—the sound of emergency oil hitting the market

The International Energy Agency announced it will tap into emergency stocks of oil to make up for the loss of Libyan oil

Why OPEC may simply fade away

The oil cartel’s main purpose seems to have vanished, a sign that times have changed and the rest of the world needs to adapt—fast

Wikileaks or Saudi sheiks? Leaks: 1, Sheiks: 0

A few diplomatic cables posted by Wikileaks provide a window into back-room warnings about peak oil


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