Leaked Documents Describe Plan to Push Climate Change Denial in Schools

Documents allegedly from the libertarian Heartland Institute describe a curriculum meant to cast doubt on climate science

U.S. Oil Fields Stage “Great Revival,” But No Easing Gas Prices

The shale boom centered in North Dakota lifts U.S. oil production, but the unexpected resurgence won’t lessen petroleum’s cost.

Hope for U.S. Oil: Where It Could Come From

Conventional oil production on land is declining across the nation—but there are great hopes for tight oil, enhanced recovery, and deepwater

Maldives President and Climate Advocate Forced at Gunpoint to Step Down

Also, global warming could be behind Europe’s frigid winter, fracking for natural gas could be a major greenhouse gas culprit, and grass clippings could make a new kind of solar panel

U.S. May Be ‘Saudi Arabia of Natural Gas,’ But Shale Gas Rush Is Slowing

With natural gas prices at a ten-year low, some producers are cutting back, and there’s increasing talk of a shale gas “bubble”

Obama Calls for “All of the Above” Energy Strategy for America

In his third State of the Union address, Obama called for more natural gas and oil production in the U.S., and apparently more coal, too—while also remaining supportive of renewables and efficiency

Obama falsely claimed U.S. oil production at an all-time high

Giving false hope, Obama claimed several times last year that U.S. oil extraction was at an all-time high, when actually it’s in a long-term decline

U.S. Rejects Tar Sands Pipeline from Canada—For Now

After pressure from Republicans for a quick decision, the Obama administration decided to reject the proposed pipeline rather than try to rush its environmental review

Shale Gas: A Boon That Could Stunt Alternatives, Study Says

If shale gas remains plentiful and cheap, it could crowd out renewable energy as well as ways of capturing carbon dioxide and storing it underground

Oil, Gasoline Prices Hit All-Time Highs in 2011—and May Continue Rising

Also, new EPA rules are the “most ambitious clean air rules in decades,” and U.S. states are pushing ahead with renewables and efficiency rather than waiting for more federal support


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