World’s Longest Migration Found—Twice as Far as Thought

Flying pole to pole and back, each year, tiny terns are the world’s migration champs, a new study confirms—but only because their routes are completely convoluted

Oldest star in the universe spotted

A huge explosion called a gamma-ray burst reached Earth earlier this year, after a journey of more than 13 billion years

Nobel Prize in physics goes to “masters of light”

Discoveries that enabled fiber optic cables and digital cameras—backbones of today’s networked society—won the coveted prize

Glacier “bleeds” proof of million-year-old life-forms

Rusty-red-colored liquid seeping from an Antarctic glacier reveals hint of microbes trapped underneath for thousands of years

Horse taming, milking started in Kazakhstan

At least 5,500 years ago, people were putting bridles on horses and milking them, archaeologists have discovered

Turning a business eye on Pakistan’s science

Azam Khan Swati aims to make Pakistan’s science more practical and useful

Neanderthal Genome “First Draft” Unveiled

The DNA findings suggest that Neanderthals were more like us than we had thought

Nobel Prize for Physics Honors Subatomic Breakthroughs

The award goes to research explaining the universe’s fundamental forces and subatomic particles

Large Hadron Collider “Actually Worked”

The world’s biggest experiment started up easily, winging subatomic particles around a 27-kilometer track at nearly the speed of light

Bad guys really do get the most girls

A nasty suite of antisocial personality traits known as the “dark triad” persists in the human population because it gives guys an evolutionary leg up, scientists argue


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