Read: “Chinese Transportation Growth”

19 Jan 2010

“It’s as though the US borrowed a pile of money from China in order to fight a war to free up oil supply in Iraq in order that China could become the greatest industrial power the world has ever seen.”

That’s how Stuart Staniford sums up the situation with China’s explosive growth, on his blog Early Warning (via The Oil Drum).

The post is definitely worth a read, especially since he did the work of digging through the numbers for us:

“The Chinese National Bureau of Statistics has a lot of interesting data.  The web site is hard to use, at least in my browser, but after poking around in the html source of the pages, I’ve managed to figure out how to get to all the annual data, which let me make some graphs.  I don’t know how accurate these numbers are, but here, at any rate, is the official story.”


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