Expensive geoengineering book for free

30 Jan 2010

There’s a new book out, Geo-Engineering Climate Change: Environmental Necessity or Pandora’s Box? from Cambridge University Press, for the sticker price of $125 (or the bargain price of $100 on Amazon).

But out of the baker’s dozen of articles therein, all but two are available for free from the Royal Society, who originally published them as open access articles. (UPDATE:Oliver Morton found the remaining two chapters elsewhere online.)

So here’s the book’s table of contents, with links to the papers on the Royal Society’s website—and other sites. (If you want a pdf version, look for the link on the sidebar on the right, after you click a link below.)

Brian Launder and J. Michael T. Thompson

Part I. Scene Setting:

1. Geo-engineering: could we or should we make it work?
Stephen H. Schneider

2. Reframing the climate change challenge in light of post-2000 emission trends
Kevin Anderson and Alice Bows

3. Predicting climate tipping points
J. Michael T. Thompson and Jan Sieber
From a Japanese research group’s website

4. A geo-physiologist’s thoughts on geo-engineering
James Lovelock

5. Coping with carbon: a near term strategy to limit carbon dioxide emissions from power stations
Paul Breeze

Part II. Carbon Dioxide Reduction

6. Capturing CO2 from the atmosphere
David W. Keith, Kenton Heidel and Robert Cherry
From David Keith’s website

7. Carbon neutral hydrocarbons
Frank S. Zeman and David W. Keith

8. Ocean fertilisation: a potential means of geo-engineering?
R. S. Lampitt et al

9. The next generation of iron fertilisation experiments in the Southern Ocean
V. Smetacek, and S. W. A. Naqvi

Part III. Solar Radiation Management

10. Global temperature stabilization via controlled albedo enhancement of low-level maritime clouds
John Latham et al

11. Sea-going hardware for the cloud albedo method of reversing global warming
Stephen Salter, Graham Sortino and John Latham

12. An overview of geo-engineering of climate using stratospheric sulfate aerosols Philip J. Rasch et al

13. Global and Arctic climate engineering: numerical model studies
Ken Caldeira and Lowell Wood


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