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U.S. Oil Fields Stage “Great Revival,” But No Easing Gas Prices

The shale boom centered in North Dakota lifts U.S. oil production, but the unexpected resurgence won’t lessen petroleum’s cost.

Planting Wind Energy on Farms May Help Crops, Say Researchers

Wind energy may do more than improve farm income. When sited in agricultural fields, turbines may help crops to grow, new research indicates.

Earth Getting Mysteriously Windier

Unexplained trend maybe due to warming and natural cycles, expert says

“Mining” Groundwater in India Reaches New Lows

Small-scale rainwater harvesting and new crops could fill the gap

80 percent of global water supplies at risk

A new report gives the most comprehensive river assessment yet

Hard-won battles against illegal logging are paying off

Action inside forested countries and on the international market has slowed illegal logging

Asian water shortages may not be as bad as previously thought

New research suggests that Asian rivers won’t run dry as the planet heats up—but tens of millions will still suffer severe shortages

Saving Fuel on the Farm by Making Hay

A new look at crop rotations show farms could cut their energy use and still stay in business

Strongest hurricanes may double in frequency, study says

In a warmer world, the western Atlantic may suffer far more intense hurricanes by the end of the century

Oldest star in the universe spotted

A huge explosion called a gamma-ray burst reached Earth earlier this year, after a journey of more than 13 billion years


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