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IEA Outlook: Time Running Out on Climate Change

The infrastructure the world builds over the next several years could lock in dangerous climate change

“The Quest” Questioned #2: One Giant Oil Field?

Yergin claims that the geologist M. King Hubbert tried to predict the future of oil by treating as if U.S. oil were all in one huge field—but that’s far from the truth

“The Quest” Questioned #1: Peak Oil Projection Was Far Off?

Yergin says Hubbert’s famous 1956 prediction for U.S. oil was far off the mark—but that’s not so

Solar Industry “Darwinism” Weeding Out Weaker Companies

Solar panel manufacturer gets raided by the FBI, Iran officially becomes a nuclear-powered country, and scientists plan a ghost town for research

Sending out an SOS

Predicting abrupt changes in ecological systems could help stave off some of the worst impacts of climate change. But how close are we to foreseeing tipping points?

The Climate Post: Ethanol Tax Breaks Survive, but Vote May Have “Broken the Dam”

Oil prices threaten pushing the economy into a “double-dip recession,” says the International Energy Agency, and why the loss the sunspots won’t lead to a new “little ice age”

The Climate Post: Obama Aims for Elusive Goal of Energy Independence

Smart grid fears, breakthroughs in developing an artificial leaf, and a court battle over TV portrayal of an electric roadster—and more in this week’s news round-up

Opening the future

How will our choices shape the future? With a new approach to how the climate community develops scenarios, researchers are coming closer to answering it.

Early Warning

A blog about impending shortages and breakdowns, focusing mainly on energy

The Climate Post: While Congress debates climate science, China and Europe move ahead

China admits it’s facing limits to its growth, while Spain faces limits to speed on its highways, as a gas-saving measure


books I've read on failure & grace

The World Without Us
The Last Oil Shock: A Survival Guide to the Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man
A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster
Hell and High Water: Global Warming--the Solution and the Politics--and What We Should Do
The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl
The Tipping Point
Three Cups of Tea: One Man's Mission to Promote Peace... One School at a Time
The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization
Out of Poverty: What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail
The Little Ice Age: How Climate Made History, 1300-1850
Confessions of an Eco-Sinner: Tracking Down the Sources of My Stuff
Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future
The Geography of Bliss: One Grump's Search for the Happiest Places in the World

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